CAMPS Australia Wide

Client: Camps Australia Wide

Quality travel guide books. Work completed for CAMPS 10, 11 and 12, PARKS 5 and 6, a new CAMPS Pendium plus an entire Cookbook.

Design Brief:

Design a more modern look and feel for the Camps brand. Including new front and back covers, plus 10 – 15 internal page layouts, for both Camps (A4 and B4 editions) and Caravan Parks (A4 edition).

2021 Camps Pendium. Design main product cover plus each individual state book cover, folding front matter and house adverts.

Other design work includes: various PDF flyers/docs for use online, web banners, advertisements, icon family, vehicle wrap, trade flyer, booking form and media kit.

Leanne is innovative with her designs, and brings the right amount of modern touches to enhance the CAMPS product range. Leanne has helped us to graphically improve the CAMPS and PARKS travel guides, as well as create our new CAMPS Pendium. She liaises with the team to ensure deadlines are met, and the brief is followed, maximising efficiency and time. Leanne has worked with Camps Australia Wide for 4 years now, and we happily recommend her graphic design expertise for clients requiring further services.

Heatley Gilmore

CEO, Camps Australia Wide

Camps Pendim – includes 7 individual state books

Camps Pendium – State book covers

Camps Pendium – folding front matter

136 page: Camps Australia Wide COMMUNITY COOKBOOK

Vechicle and Caravan Graphics

Camps and Parks covers

Flowering Design
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Flowering Design
0438 179 748
Sunshine Coast QLD